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Legal Information

Blocked Crossings: Federal vs. State Law

Precendents; Federal Preemption of State Laws:

5th Circuit Court of Appeals
Illinois Supreme Court
City of Fremont NE

State Attorney General Opinions:

Kansas AG
Texas AG

State Agencies Positions:

State Assoc. of Rail Safety Managers Policy Paper
State Assoc. of Rail Safety Managers to FRA

Federal Legislation on Blocked Crossings (Not Passed)

2001 Dingell Bill

Investigation Attendance Following Injury

Decision prohibiting RR from requiring attendance at an Investigation following injury:

Wallis vs. BNSF Railway

State Operating Rules

9th Circuit Decision stating a State may enact a Railroad’s own operating rules as an enforcement standard:

UP, SP, BNSF vs California Public Utilities Comm.
Summary of Case

State Rail Security Legislation